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Our mission of the European PVC industry, shared by ECVM can be symbolically summarised in the following six words:

We create possibilities for sustainable living

We create possibilities...

These first three words reflect our industry’s understanding that today’s complex and evolving society constantly needs to make choices about its future. With ever increasing demands and ever diminishing resources, choices are challenging because sometimes it can be difficult to be certain of the outcomes and balanced decisions have to be made. But our industry recognises that by not taking these decisions we may narrow all of our options for tomorrow. So we strive to maintain society’s ability to choose by creating new possibilities and maintaining the choices that are essential for our future.

...for sustainable living

The second three words in this mission statement represent, far more than just an appreciation of environmental issues. They represent a belief in the long term. That our industry understands that it cannot compromise tomorrow by what it does today. This is the lens through which we see relationships with all of our stakeholders. The PVC industry believes that sustainability can only be achieved by operating with a holistic perspective, always looking at the bigger picture. The tagline we use: ‘Making possibilities together’, encapsulates how our industry seeks to work by engaging with all of our stakeholders for mutual long-term benefit.

Our Values

The following four values characterise how we try to go about our work:

1. Forward Thinking

We try to use our collective strength to continually to push boundaries and break new ground.

2. Reliable

We always try to be dependable. We create a sense of confidence with our partners that helps everyone to make the right decisions.

3. Responsible

We don’t hesitate to make firm promises and understand that we are expected to deliver on these.

4. Cooperative

We are respectful of others, we try to listen and adapt to their needs, so that we can combine forces and develop strong partnerships.

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