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How does PVC industry demonstrate its long-term commitments?

The PVC industry has a long record of public commitments. It started with commitments towards continuous environmental improvement in manufacturing, as illustrated by the two Charters signed by European PVC producers that establish tough environmental standards for production ahead of legislation. Substantial reductions of industrial emission levels have been achieved as a result.

European PVC industry employers signed in October 2000 a social dialogue charter on issues surrounding the sector's future and their potential social effects on employees.

Through this charter, the PVC industry commits in particular to:

  • The development of European health, safety and environmental standards
  • The development of standards for employees’ initial and further training
  • The transfer of standards to EU accession countries
  • A dialogue on European works councils about e.g. the development of the PVC industry against the backdrop of European policy

In March 2000, the resin producers, additives producers and converters signed a “Voluntary Commitment of the PVC Industry”. It was further developed and re-issued in October 2001 under the title “Vinyl 2010 - the Voluntary Commitment of the PVC Industry”. It was again updated in May 2006. With this document, the PVC industry has undertaken to implement important actions covering the period 2000 – 2010 and beyond, which will apply to

  • PVC manufacture
  • Additives - plasticisers and stabilisers
  • Waste management
  • Social progress and dialogue
  • Management, monitoring and financial scheme

Progress towards these commitments is documented in the Progress Reports issued each year since 2001. These reports are verified by an independent third party. For more information, consult www.vinyl2010.org

Never before has a voluntary approach been developed through such an open process and covered an entire production chain and all the aspects of sustainable development.

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